13 Reasons You Should Choose ZAGG

The world is full of competition. With so many reviews, different opinions, and various features, it can feel overwhelming. You want to make sure you invest in the right product, and so do we. We’ll help you figure it out.

Is ZAGG really better?

Straight up? Yes.

Some people ask, “Why is ZAGG so expensive?” And the truth is, we have the most solid and resilient products among any tech accessory brand.

Between mophie’s sleek wireless chargers, InvisibleShield’s unmatched screen protectors, or Gear4’s military-grade cases, ZAGG has you powered and protected for any adventure.

We know our explorers look for features like material, comfort and ease of installation, which is why we hit all the necessities without any sacrifice:

phones with ZAGG accessories charging while person cooks1) Material

With military-grade D3O® and high-end fabrics from mophie, we have the rugged-luxury types taken care of.

2) Comfort & Feel

Where the other guys create protection with bulky, nuisance designs, ZAGG products are engineered to ensure nothing is sacrificed: Tough and effective protection meets sleek, minimalistic design. Where the other guys don’t even call out their drop protection, we proudly wear our “up to 16 ft.” guarantee on our sleeve (or product description… whatever).

3) Display

You spend the money on those pristine screens, so why diminish the beauty with those wannabes? Or worse, risk shattering them? InvisibleShield mirrors the look and feel of your phone’s stunning screen, with all the protective bells and whistles.

4) Lifetime Warranty

Every InvisibleShield screen protector comes with our EZ Apply® installation process, making you an instant application pro. Still freaked out about installing it yourself? Bring it into any of your local ZAGG retail stores, and we’ll install it for just a few bucks with a 14 day guarantee.

Plus if ZAGG wasn’t better, we wouldn’t have been mentioned in NBC News’ best screen protectors of 2021- twice.

Curious to learn more about why our screen protectors outshine other brands? Check out our blog on InvisibleShield, where we take a deep dive into the techie features of various designs.


5) VisionGuardillustration of ZAGG InvisibleShield on iPhone 12 Pro Max

ZAGG doesn’t just stop at device protection, because *your* health matters, too.

Blue light is commonly known for causing gnarly headaches and digital eye strain. While blue light glasses can help reduce the side effects related to blue light exposure, they often end up warping colors with a blanket of yellow, likened to your grandma’s musty, 70s inspired basement.

That’s why ZAGG’s InvisibleShield screen protectors are crafted with VisionGuard:

  • Filters blue light
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Preserves the true colors of your screen
  • Smudge resistant

All with precision touch sensitivity and world-class impact & scratch protection. We’re giving trendy blue light glasses a run for their money.

6) D3O® Technology

ZAGG was founded on the love of thrill-seeking adventure. With adventure comes wear and tear, and some seriously rough landings. That’s why ZAGG uses D3O® technology– the thinnest and most advanced protection against knocks and drops. D3O® is used by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers, and motorcyclists in helmets and other protective gear.

Check out our blog on D3O® for all the deets and sick science behind the tech.

people using ZAGG rugged accessories while on bikes

7) Adventure-Proof

ZAGG’s rugged accessories protect against life’s gnarliest scenarios with 6.6 feet of military-grade drop protection. Gadgets include:

  • Power banks
  • Keyboards
  • Waterproof speakers
  • Cases

8) Built For 5G

Stay protected & powered with ZAGG’s InvisibleShield screen protectors, mophie wireless chargers, and gear4 cases without sacrificing speed and clarity.


9) Oh Snap!

ZAGG’s Snap line offers MagSafe-compatible accessories for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 models, and even brings the luxury of a magnetic hold to other devices, including Samsung & Google.

person holding iPhone with ZAGG magsafe compatible accessoriesZAGG’s Snap line makes attaching and detaching accessories a breeze, taking mobile accessories to an entirely new level with cases, wireless charging, and portable power.

10) Wireless Freedom

We are a tech-centric society that can’t be bogged down by restraining wires and limited mobility. That’s why ZAGG offers bougie accessories to keep you powered throughout the day.

mophie’s in-house design team only opts for materials that meet the impeccable blend of aesthetics-meets-durability, drawing their inspiration from fashion, art, nature, and technology.

You shouldn’t just expect it to charge your phone fast, you should expect that it (and you) look good doing it. Plus, you can rely on mophie’s clean lines and premium materials to keep you powered for many charges to come. No strings attached.


11) Protecting

It has always been a ZAGG mission to protect and enhance, particularly for the world we live in. We’ve started our journey towards environmental sustainability by improving packaging, product materials, and manufacturing practices.

To support these efforts, ZAGG is partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree for every Gear4 case that is sold on ZAGG.com. So far, several thousands trees have been planted with The Eden Project.

12) Recycling

Are you sick of hearing this from companies yet? Recycling is a common environmentally-friendly initiative undertaken by companies, but for good reason.

In 2020, approximately 367 million metric tonnes of plastic was produced. Even more jarring? 50% of the plastics that we waste come from packaging in the form of single-use plastics.

While we could easily go on and on about the devastating impact single-use plastics have on the environment, we’ll get to the point:

  • Gear4 case packaging is 100% recyclable (including plant-based inks)
  • InvisibleShield plastic packaging has been replaced with recyclable paper counterparts
  • ZAGG provides eco-friendly options for recycling and disposing of used products

Our initiatives have saved over 700,000 lbs. of single-use plastics from being dumped into the environment each year.

ZAGG employee preparing InvisibleShield on demand

13) Reducing

InvisibleShield on Demand (ISOD) machines custom cut screen protection for customers as they wait, reducing the need for packaging materials by over 96% and reducing our shipping footprint by 95%.

Reduce carbon footprint? Check.

Reduce use of petroleum-based materials while simultaneously integrating environmentally-friendly ones? Double check.

Protect Better

ZAGG lowers phone-related stressors and keeps you calm and collected (and powered), to prepare you for all of life’s moments. Protect better with:

  • Luxurious, military-grade materials
  • Crystal VisionGuard clear screen protection
  • D3O® technology
  • Wireless power
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

Find your local ZAGG store and join the 250 million ZAGGers to see and feel why ZAGG’s 360° protection means being prepared for any adventure within your world.

cell phone with screen protection being applied


Need Warranty Replacement?

Visit Your Local ZAGG

Visit Your Local ZAGG Store. ZAGG retailers act as Authorized Warranty Centers for damaged InvisibleShield screen protectors. Take yours to a store near you for easy replacement with a professional install!

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