The Best Gift for Your Gifts: Defense+ by ZAGG

zagg defense+ for tablet and iphone

Happy post-holidays, savvy shoppers and gift-givers! Hopefully by now you’re feeling a little less stressed with a heart full of cherished memories, and a little more excited with another year of new beginnings to look forward to.

Perhaps your quest for the perfect present continues. Or maybe you need a gift for your gift — you know, the kind of gift that requires something more. Maybe it’s long-term TLC for that exotic plant, batteries for that must-have toy — or protection for your new smartphone.

For the latter, ZAGG offers Defense+. Join me as we navigate the post-holiday landscape via the ZAGG tech terminal.

zagg defense+

What is the ZAGG Defense+ Screen Repair Guarantee?

The ZAGG Defense+ screen repair guarantee is a one-year, one-time coverage for up to $250 in screen repair costs if you (or your kids, or your dogs) damage your screen when an InvisibleShield screen protector is installed on your phone.

How does ZAGG Defense+ Work?

To lock in your ZAGG Defense+ screen repair guarantee, you’ll want to ensure your product is registered within 30 days of purchasing Defense+. If registration isn’t completed within 30 days, the screen repair guarantee isn’t valid and you could be put in a tough spot without coverage. Once your device is registered, you’ll lock in that $250 screen repair guarantee for one year.

Do I have to have a ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protector to buy Defense+?

Yes — An InvisibleShield is required to purchase ZAGG Defense+, but both warrantied screen protectors and new screen protector purchases qualify!

blue light screen protection by zaggWhat devices can Defense+ be used with?

ZAGG Defense+ screen guarantee covers your most loved and cherished Christmas presents, including iPhone and Android smartphones, foldables, and tablets.

How much does ZAGG Defense+ cost?

My favorite part of Defense+ might be its price. Priced at just $19.99, this gift for your $1,000+ gifts is a no-brainer.

Does Defense+ include Liquid screen protection?

Defense+ does not include liquid screen protection, but that is available as a separate product if you’re looking for triple protection!

Defense+ Screen Repair Guarantee Registration

Registering a device with Defense+ is an easy 5 step process:

  • Go to and enter your email to obtain the registration code
  • You’ll receive an email with registration code shortly after submitting your email address
  • Download the Warranty Life App through the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Follow the prompts on the Warranty Life App to register Defense+
  • Upload a picture of your receipt for the purchase

woman using iphone with zagg protection with defense+

Wrapping up Defense+

Defense+ is a gem that promises to bring joy long after the tinsel has been packed away. Dive into this post-holiday gift for your most loved (and expensive) gifts, and discover the true meaning of a gift that lasts beyond the festive rush.

cell phone with screen protection being applied


Need Warranty Replacement?

Visit Your Local ZAGG

Visit Your Local ZAGG Store. ZAGG retailers act as Authorized Warranty Centers for damaged InvisibleShield screen protectors. Take yours to a store near you for easy replacement with a professional install!

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