3 Supreme ZAGG InvisibleShield Screen Protectors

This article was updated on October 5, 2022

The screen protection industry is full of competitors, with an overwhelming amount of information, claims, and varying prices. But how do you know you’re really investing in the best option? Say goodbye to ambiguity and hello to your new best friend: InvisibleShield.

Which ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protector is best?

It really just depends on what you’re looking for. ZAGG InvisibleShield glass screen protectors come with a variety and combinations of features:


Our knowledge of the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to blue light has blown up, and with that blue light protection. Join the trend and protect yourself with VisionGuard designs, which reduce light intensity and filter out 40% of toxic blue light. Screen protection + eye protection = double win.

360° Privacy

For protection beyond your own, prevent the risk of prying eyes. From above, below, & side to side, a 4-way filter shields your screen for all-around privacy protection.


One of our biggest icks? Trying to read a text beneath blaring sunlight. Instant, constant shade is possible with a Glass Elite Anti-Glare matte finish. Prevent direct light from reflecting off your screen, so you never get blinded by the sun.

ZAGG InvisibleShield iPhone 11
ZAGG InvisibleShield iPhone 11


Allover screen coverage for uninterrupted protection. Swipe across the smooth, natural feel of an edge-to-edge-protected screen.


Take impact and shatter protection to the next level with D3O®-reinforced screen protectors. D3O®’s most raw form provides optically clear protection with the ability to disperse energy caused by impacts, reducing force and creating our strongest screen protector ever.

Do you dig the science behind technology?
Check out our blog on D3O® here.

1) InvisibleShield Glass XTR3

New in 2023, this beauty is our strongest glass screen protector. 10x stronger than traditional glass screen protection, XTR3 is made with shock-absorbing Hexiom impact technology. Micro hexagons bond when impact force is applied, dispersing energy and keeping your screen protected.

Its seamless, edge-to-edge screen protection is enhanced with our strongest blue light filtration yet. With EyeSafe® and the world’s first RPF60 technology, Glass XTR3 gives you 50% more blue light filtration than before without affecting the colors on your screen. Buh-bye yellow tint, headaches, irritated eyes, and blurred vision.

New to the XTR line? Anti-dust installation. Even if a speck gets on your screen during installation, the new adhesive installs smoothly over most dust.

When you choose XTR3, you choose a design that is optimized for gamers and casual phone users alike. With anti-reflective technology, reflections are minimized and light transmission is increased, improving screen clarity and color vibrance. Plus, its ultra-smooth surface allows for fast, frictionless play and maximum touch sensitivity. Say hello to an improved K/D ratio.

Plus, Glass XTR3 protects itself with an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and guards against degradation from microorganisms. Tech for your tech.

2) ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+

illustration of ZAGG InvisibleShield on iPhone 12 Pro Max
ZAGG InvisibleShield iPhone 12 Pro Max

Benefit from antibacterial and military-grade protection, while maintaining a stunning, crystal clear display.

InvisibleShield’s ClearPrint technology reduces nasty smudges and fingerprints, while VisionGuard helps to filter out toxic blue light. Indulge in more screen time without risking headaches, eye strain, or difficulty sleeping.

Plus, benefit from antibacterial properties that kill 99.99% of surface bacteria on your screen. This powerful antibacterial coating is embedded in the glass itself, so the magic won’t wear off.

If we come off a little one-sided, check out Rolling Stone’s article on their most recommended screen protector. They’ll tell you what’s up.

3) InvisibleShield Ultra Clear

Remarkably clear and astonishingly tough, Ultra Clear designs offer edge-to-edge protection and stunning clarity that emphasizes sharp images and vibrant colors in today’s most advanced displays.

Find the perfect fit on curved or flat screens, and enjoy self-healing nano-memory technology.

With improved sensitivity and sleek, high-gloss finish, Ultra Clear is the barely-there tech that feels like your smartphone’s own screen.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Samsung S21
ZAGG InvisibleShield Samsung S21

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite vs Glass Plus

TBH, they’re very similar to one another. They both have antimicrobial features and are solid as can be. The biggest difference? Glass Elite is the newer version of Glass+ products and comes with thicker glass.

How much is InvisibleShield?

ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protectors range from $19.99 – $59.99, depending on features. (Stacked features = more moolah)

Is ZAGG InvisibleShield worth it?

No question. We may be biased, but for good reason:

ZAGG InvisibleShield reviews

ZAGG InvisibleShield Pixel 5
ZAGG InvisibleShield Pixel 5

ZAGG InvisibleShield Replacement

How does the InvisibleShield Lifetime Warranty Work? When you buy an InvisibleShield product, you’re automatically a part of the lifetime warranty program. Just bring your damaged screen protector to your local ZAGG retailer and we’ll do a quick & easy professional install, all for a few bucks!

Franchisee hack: In-store ZAGG installation is an excellent opportunity for franchise owners to promote. This really sets ZAGG retailers apart from a fully online experience, in a majorly online world.

cell phone with screen protection being applied


Need Warranty Replacement?

Visit Your Local ZAGG

Visit Your Local ZAGG Store. ZAGG retailers act as Authorized Warranty Centers for damaged InvisibleShield screen protectors. Take yours to a store near you for easy replacement with a professional install!

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