3 Reasons You Should Repair Your Phone Instead of Buying a New One

New phones are expensive and are only getting more expensive. A cracked screen or old battery shouldn’t narrate this pricey decision. Queue: Phone repair!

First, let’s learn about the parts of your phone to better understand their functionality and the role of repair:

damaged screen
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Liquid-crystal display (LCD)

This allows you to see images on your screen. If it stops working you will see black spots, discolored areas, blurred sections on the screen, out of place lines on your screen. What causes your LCD to fail? Humidity, higher temperature exposure, repetitive shock/dropping.

Digitizerperson using touchscreen on phone

Helps your phone to know where you are clicking on your screen.  If it stops working you will experience a lack of touch sensitivity, touch responding incorrectly, touch lags/freezes, and pseudo screen. What causes it to fail? Dropping and excess heat.


This is the life juice in your phone that helps it run. If it stops working your phone will unexpectedly shut down, can’t get through a day with a single charge, sluggish apps, and lower than usual speaker volume. What causes it to fail? Degrades through time, leaving your phone on the charger when it is at 100%, and too many apps running.

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You can check the health of your battery in your phone settings. If the health is 80% or below, they recommend a replacement.  An example of this means if health is at 70% then that means when your phone reads 100% it only can charge up to 70% battery.

Cameraswoman holding up smartphone with camera

Used for pictures and videos, and are located on the front and back of your phone.

Material: Made of glass.

Back Glass

back glass on iphone
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All Apple iPhones version 7 and up, and all Samsung Galaxy phones generation S10 and up, have glass backs. While they look great for style, they have a high likelihood of shattering — even with new armor aluminum frames that more recent generations of phones feature.

These crucial phone parts break, but it doesn’t mean your phone has to be replaced. Instead of buying a new phone after cracking the screen or breaking other parts, you can get a phone repair!

3 Reasons You Should Choose ZAGG For Your Repair

1. Same-day repair. Who has time to wait?

We know how important your phone is to you and the need to use it daily. We always have technicians in-store to fix your phone the same day you bring it in, in a matter of hours.

2. Two words: Price match. If a competitor has a better deal, we will match it!

You do not want to pay as much to repair your phone as it takes to buy a new one. We guarantee we will have the lowest prices for all your repairs.

3. 30-day warranty. If the repairs are not fixed as intended, we will fix it for free.

If there was a mistake in the repair and you are not satisfied, let us make it right.

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Repairs increase the trade-in or selling value, prolong and enhance the life of the phone, and prevent you from spending hundreds on a brand-new phone. When you need quick and reliable repair services for your iPhone and Samsung phones, come to ZAGG!


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