5 Reasons You Need This Tech Accessory This Summer

Traveling this summer? We found the one must-have accessory you’re not (but should be!) thinking about:

close-up of powerstation and mophie snap

The mophie snap+ powerstation stand.

Traveling in the 21st century means everything is done and held on your phone — documenting with hundreds of photos and videos, managing digital tickets and passes, and receiving notifications for wait and check-in times.

Picture it: You’re at Disneyland during summer vacation. Your entire day’s experience is dependent on being constantly connected. This consistent connectivity significantly drains your battery, ultimately forcing you to shut down and risk missing out on documenting your adventures or connecting with your group. Fortunately, you brought your mophie snap+ powerstation stand to keep you charged!1

close-up of powerstand and mophie snap1. Wireless Charging With a Boost

This on-the-go powerstation stand wirelessly charges your phone, so low battery worries stay out of sight and out of mind. Even better? You can also charge your best friend’s device with the USB-C port, too. The 10,000 mAh internal battery powers you to outlast the adventures of the day for you, and the entire group, with a quick powerboost during quick food and bathroom breaks.

2. Built-In Tripod Socket

The snap+ powerstation stand comes with a standard ¼ inch – 20 threads/square inch tripod socket for added stability, taking your videos and streams to the next level.

3. Adjustable Stand With Accurate Placement

A handy stand folds out when you want to prop your phone up in landscape or portrait mode during food and rest breaks, and folds back in when you just want to charge on the go. Plus, the magnetic array ensures you hit the charging sweet spot to ensure you get the perfect charge every time.

phone charging
Don’t live tethered to a cord. Mophie gives you the freedom of wireless power on the go!

4. Compatible with MagSafe and More

The magnetic array on the snap+ powerstation stand is compatible with any MagSafe-enabled iPhone and any Qi-enabled smartphone, including Apple, Samsung, and Google phones. Plus, the versatile USB-C port recharges the snap+ powerstation stand in record time or can be used to charge another device simultaneously, like your watch or a travel buddy’s phone.

Bonus: Snap Adapter Included

Are you an iPhone stan, but your friend is an Android fan? No problem. Every box comes with a snap adapter, allowing you to attach the metallic ring to a non-MagSafe compatible iPhone or any other Qi-enabled smartphone, making it instantly compatible with the snap+ powerstation stand.

5. 2-Year Warranty

Every ZAGG | mophie product comes with a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind and keep your (and your loved one’s) memories powered.

Need a warranty replacement? Visit us at one of our locations so we can discuss our options!

Your New Favorite Travel Buddy

Power your iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23, or other wireless charging smartphones during your summer adventures with the ultra-versatile snap+ powerstation stand. It will take your social media lives, video calls, and memory-making experience to the next level, while making you the group hero by keeping everyone charged and ready for the next adventure!

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