3 Reasons You Need This Charging Station This Holiday Season

Traveling this holiday season? We have the one must-have accessory you’re not thinking about: The mophie snap+ multi-device travel charger. But what makes this wireless charger so special for the holidays? Let’s take a tour on the top 3 reasons why you need this charging station this holiday season:


Do you feel like you have to bring an extra carry-on for all of your device chargers and cables when you travel? Or do you find that all those loose cables take up far too much room and create a wiry mess in your bags? Mophie gets that especially during the holidays, this precious space can’t be spared — which is why they created a compact, all-in-one charging kit.

charging ports close-up The snap+ multi-device travel charger has everything you need to charge all of your portables, all bundled neatly in one foldable kit:

  • Designated wireless charging spots for a phone and AirPods
  • Shared output of up to 5W-15W of power
  • USB-C and USB-A ports for 2 additional devices
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • 30W USB-C wall adapter
  • Snap+ travel charger felt bundle bag with button closure

MagSafe Compatible

What is MagSafe? Is it the same as wireless charging? What makes it so special?

MagSafe is a type of wireless charging, but not all wireless charging is MagSafe. Let me explain:

MagSafe chargers typically use Qi-based wireless charging coils, but these coils are also surrounded by a ring of special magnets that ensure the phone attaches securely to a wireless charger, providing better contact and a faster charge.

While not all phones have MagSafe charging capabilities, the mophie snap+ multi-device travel charger is compatible with Qi-enabled devices. Plus, a MagSafe adapter is included in the box so you can transform yours into a MagSafe-compatible phone for the fastest possible charge, ensuring you don’t miss out on any FaceTime or photo opportunities with family and friends.

multiple device travel chargers close-up

Tip: Make sure you have a MagSafe phone case, like these ones from ZAGG, for the best, most secure attachment to any MagSafe wireless charger

One Word: Convenience

airpods travel charger mophie case close-up

If you’re anything like me, convenience comes first. No matter how much time I take organizing, my on-hand tech devices end up in a twisted mess. Sifting through various pockets, whether in a plane, train, or automobile, is always a hassle. With mophie’s snap+ multi-device travel charger, everything is already nestled away in their neat little organization compartments, making for easy setup and cleanup.

It also equips me to take charge of my devices (literally), allowing all of my essentials to charge at once — including a designated spot for my AirPods that delivers up to 5W of power. Plus, it won’t take up an entire nightstand or trip me up in the middle of the night.


This travel-friendly power station comes with a stylish compact carrying case made out of heathered felt in mophie’s signature gray color. Inside the easy-to-open button closure, you’ll find 3 separate compartments, each with a dedicated space for all the necessities:

  • USB-C charging cable
  • 30W wall adapter
  • Foldable charging pad

Compact, convenient, and cute (or cool, whichever you prefer). Your friends and family will definitely have FOMO when they see yours, so you’ll want to buy a couple extra to give as gifts!

mophie 3 in 1 travel case

Why Mophie?

With so many MagSafe wireless chargers on the market, it can be difficult choosing the “right” one. While the mophie snap+ multi-device travel charge is one-of-a-kind, there are dozens of options to choose from to solve any charging issue.

Our opinion may be biased, so we’ll let our reviews and online tech experts do the talking: Mophie made ZD Net’s best overall wireless charging option & Wired’s Best Wireless Chargers — twice.

Plus, every mophie product is covered by our built-in 2-year warranty. Win-win.

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