Throwback: April 2021 ZAGG Franchisee Spotlight

ZAGG franchisees come from various backgrounds, diversifying our larger company culture in a way special to the industry. Get to know the people behind the brand by chiming in with us every other month, where we chat with the boots on the ground that continue making the retail experience extraordinary.

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April 2021 ZAGG Franchisee Spotlight: Jordan Lower & Dennis Ferguson

Jordan & Dennis are a couple of our more seasoned owners, with 10 years under their belts. They own 11 stores in 4 states, with a vision to open 6-10 more in the next 3-5 years.

How many years have you been in the franchise? How many locations do you own and in how many states?

Dennis: 10 years, AZ, CO, TX, UT. Sales and Operations Manager with Accounting and MBA degrees.

Jordan: 10 years, AZ, CO, TX, UT. Software sales for 5 years & a Business Management degree.

What made you want to open a ZAGG store?

Dennis: Working at ZAGG, I could see the success of the program and wanted to be involved.

Jordan: My business partner and I had worked together at the corporate offices and we had a shared belief in ZAGG products and the franchise program. We initially wanted to expand the program internationally, but we decided to find our way first in the US.

What did you do before becoming a franchise owner?

Dennis: I worked at the ZAGG corporate offices and went to school.

Jordan: After working for the corporate side of things and once we decided to open our first stores, I moved to Dallas for a summer to get those stores up and running. After I returned back to Utah, I started a career in software sales.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a franchisee? What has been the most unexpected struggle?

Dennis: Rewarding — Seeing something start from nothing to a business that supports over 50 individuals. Unexpected struggle — Balancing the needs and desires of all stakeholders including employees and vendors.

Jordan: Rewarding — It’s been rewarding to build something of our own and to overcome the different challenges that come with trying to grow the business. Unexpected struggle — Finding good people to work for us, figuring out how to motivate and retain those employees, and learning to manage them from afar.

Why did you choose the ZAGG franchise?

Dennis: I was familiar with it from working in the company offices and the cost of entry was reasonable.

Jordan: I was familiar with ZAGG and the program seemed like it could be a good side hustle at the time without taking on too much risk.

If you could go back to when you opened your franchise, what would you do differently, if anything, and would you do it again?

Dennis: If I could go back, I would absolutely open ZAGG franchises again. I would negotiate differently with our landlords to protect our interests better. I also would be more strategic in how and when we opened our stores.

Jordan: If I could go back, I would definitely open ZAGG franchises again. I would have made the decision to go all in on our business instead of trying to balance a separate career at the same time. As soon as I devoted my whole focus on our business, it seemed to expand much quicker.

Have you always wanted to own your own business?

Dennis: No, it wasn’t really something I dreamed about. I knew I wanted to work in business and maybe someday become a significant leader. But this opportunity came to us and it didn’t seem as scary as one might imagine.

Jordan: I always thought it’d be fun to have something to call my own.  I love working with people and building relationships with both employees and customers alike. I find the problem solving aspect of the business to be a fun challenge where there is something new every day to work on.

What are some tips you can give to fellow or aspiring small business owners?

Dennis: Find a good product or service and then focus on people and processes. Those are what make your business excel. Retain great talent, but remember that everyone is replaceable, even you.

Jordan: Bet on yourself and go all in on whatever you’re working on. Take the risk and make that your priority from the get go.

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience in the industry or plans for the future?

Dennis: We are in a fun industry. Cell phones are a part of everyone and technology keeps improving. It’s enjoyable to be along for the ride.

Jordan: We are always interested in the technology and constant innovation that happens in this industry. We have constant plans for expanding our business in the forefront of our minds.

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