Apple & Samsung: 11 Things You Need to Know in Q1 2022

Among their striking iPad Air revamp, mind-blowing M1 Ultra chip, and stunning Mac Studio/ Studio Display announcements, the new and drastically improved iPhone SE updates are finally here.

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Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen

The weeks leading up to the much anticipated Apple Spring Event finally arrived on Tuesday, and I’m stoked to get to the details.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted his predictions last week:

screenshot of ming-chi kuo's tweet

Let’s see how his predictions lined up with Apple’s announcement:

5G Forward

With the absence of 5G in the latest 2020 iPhone SE model, this is an upgrade to get excited about. Budget-seekers can say hello to faster speeds and lower latency.

Those sweet sub-6 5G frequencies will also be continued for the new SE model.

mmWave, however, is not available.

What is mmWave 5G? Millimeter waves, or high-band 5G, are high frequencies starting at 24GHz with super high speeds, but at a much more limited range.

A15 Bionic Chip

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Yep— the same one that powers the iPhone 13 and latest iPad mini.

This super fast superhero is 62% faster than

the competition and more energy efficient, despite its power-hungry nature.

The inclusion of a processor with such unrivaled speed and energy efficiency is a massive deal for a phone with such a budget-friendly price point— especially when this processor significantly outpaces that of the iPhone 11, iPhone12, and iPhone 12 mini, which sell for hundreds more.

Chill with Spills

Water, soda, coffee, tea, juice, and dust-resistant with an IP rating of 67. A feature we’ve all come to expect, yet still important to have.

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Camera Enhancements

  • HDR4 — Automatically refines contrast, lighting, and skin tones for up to four people.
  • Deep Fusion — In mid to low light, Deep Fusion studies various exposures pixel by pixel to ensure every single detail, texture, and pattern is captured.
  • Photographic Styles — Whether your vibe is warm or cool, iPhone SE applies your preferred look while keeping it natural.

Home Sweet Home

Though Apple has future plans to remove the old-school home button, it didn’t come this year. We’ll have to enjoy the retro design piece a little longer.

home button on iPhone SE
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The new iPhone Mini?

Although SE display retail is lesser than that of the iPhone mini, it is rumored that the iPhone 13 mini will be the last of its kind.

When choosing a price between $699 for a mini or $429 for a SE, lack of Face ID, a single camera, and a smaller non-OLED screen don’t seem so bad (especially with that unparalleled processor).

iPhone SE 3rd Generation TLDR

iphone se 3rd generation spec sheet

When is the iPhone SE 3 Release Date?

The 3rd generation iPhone SE (2022) is available for pre-order March 11, with general availability starting March 18.

Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+/Ultra 2022

While this news is so last month, we have to keep Samsung fans in mind.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 & S22 Plus

  • Small and large versions of the basic design, respectively
  • Slightly smaller than the S21
  • Upgraded display
  • Upgraded rear camera array &  better optical zoom
  • Graphite, Cream, Sky Blue, and Violet are exclusive online-only options

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • Completely new design
  • Quad rear cameras
  • Integrated S Pen at the bottom of the phone
  • Separately-sitting cameras in the back
  • Adopted Galaxy Note-esque features

S22 vs S22+ vs S22 Ultra

Let’s break it down by model:

samsung galaxy s2 vs s22 specs

Battery & Charging

With smaller sizes come smaller battery capacities. You may have noticed in the comparison chart above that battery capacity has decreased from 4,000 in the S21 to 3,700 mAh in the S22, and from 4,800 in the S21+ to 4,500 mAh in the S22+. However, there is no change in battery capacity in the Ultra.

While wired charging speeds have increased from 25W to 45W for the S22+ & S22 Ultra models, none of the S22 models come with a charger. That means you’ll want to ensure you already have a compatible charger to get that lightning charge, or miss out. (Though we can’t be too mad about it — it’s all in the name of the environment.)

samsung s22 ultra s pen
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: S Pen

This year Samsung designed the Ultra and the S Pen as one, with a built-in area to store when not in use, rather than existing as a separate loose accessory.

This year’s S Pen is also more responsive than ever (70% more), making the pen-to-screen experience as smooth and natural as possible.

Shared Features

All the Samsung S22 models will keep ultrasonic fingerprint sensors under the display, as well as:

IP68 Water/Dust Resistance

Ingress Protection is a universally accepted measurement  for dust and liquid resistance.”

With an IP rating of 68, Samsung gives you the comfort of knowing that you can safely use your device while taking on adventure through dust, dirt, sand and water.

composite of samsung galaxy s22 and splash
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Vision Booster

This new Samsung feature automatically adjusts and enhances your display’s colors in different lighting, resulting in a sharper picture — even in direct sunlight.

Samsung and Pocket-Lint explain the technology in more scientific terms:

Vision Booster improves display visibility by “considering the light intensity of the surroundings and its influence on the display”. The Vision Booster algorithm analyzes the data of content appearing on the display, and inspects each pixel’s value. It then tone-maps to adjust the visual display, brightening dark areas, enriching colors, and maximizing color contrast. The contrast between dark and light aspects is enhanced, creating a more brilliant picture quality with a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1.

Brighter Displays

Each of the screens has noticeably brighter displays this year. The S22 is rated for 1,300 nits, and the S22+ & Ultra both for 1,750 nits.

woman using samsung s22 to take a picture at night


This new software helps the S22 cameras capture more light and color detail from shots taken in low light through a large 2.4 micrometer sensor. You can also engage “Auto Framing” mode, which allows the phone to keep track of up to 10 people in frame at once.

When Can I Expect My S22 to Arrive?

Samsung has come face-to-face with the blessed issue of high consumer demand. While a positive problem for them, it can be frustrating on the other side.

Carrier, color, and configurations all have an impact on delayed shipping timeframes, but you can expect yours to arrive between now and mid-April.

Check out Tom’s Guide for more info 

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