June 2022 ZAGG Franchisee Spotlight

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June 2022 ZAGG Franchisee Spotlight: Paul Molina

Paul and his wife, Patty, have owned the ZAGG Victoria Gardens location for 7 years. Their kiosk is located at the outdoor mall in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

I am someone who has a drive and hunger for success. Even when I struggled to find a job at 19, I was able to land a position with Sprint after selling a phone to a customer on the spot.

What made me interested in opening a ZAGG store is the simple fact that I used to be a customer of ZAGG. I owned ZAGG screen protectors and even bought a keyboard from a ZAGG franchise owner without knowing I would one day own a store, too. I always knew ZAGG had some of the best products in the industry.

Before I became a franchise owner, I had a business in Newport Beach, CA where I was creating custom phone cases with printed pictures of customer’s choice. Before that, I went to college for business and worked selling phone accessories for other companies.

The most rewarding experience is receiving feedback from our customers around our products, lifetime warranty, and customer service. Customers appreciate seeing owners working their own stores, and we offer them a welcoming and friendly environment. Serving our community and providing them with excellent products for their smartphones is very rewarding for us.

One of our unexpected struggles was the pandemic and all the hurdles that came along with it — losing long-term employees, struggling to find new employees, and slow mall traffic. We stuck through it all and got back on track like we knew we would.

If I could go back to when I first started at ZAGG, I would have honestly done everything different. My wife and I didn’t have any previous experience owning a franchise business. It wasn’t like anything we had been through before so we had to learn from the ground up. We still continue learning day by day.

My advice to anyone trying to start their own business is to never give up and to always keep going.

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